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2023-03-23 15:01:31 By : Ms. Ruo La

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If you require privacy while you’re doing your business (as most people do), then this home for sale is not for you. Shared by TikTok user The Opossum of Poopability (@poopability_opossum), this house in Tiffin, Ohio has one of the most boggling bathroom layouts of all time, and it’s so bizarre that it’s hard to even call the room a “bathroom.” It’s pretty much just a hallway with a toilet in the middle of it.

“Nestled right next to this nasty carpet is the bathroom. And, yeah that’s right. You can see the back of the toilet from the living room,” The Opossum of Poopability says in his video. “Why in the hell is the toilet ominously placed just in the middle of the bathroom randomly? This doesn’t make sense and it’s gross!”

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Your first thought is that the toilet may have been uninstalled at some point and placed here temporarily while things were getting taken out of the home. But note the toilet paper dispenser installed on the wall next to the toilet. Yeah, it was definitely installed there on purpose.

“Toilet’s trying to escape,” one TikTok commenter wrote. Another added, “The toilet is like the alien meme ‘Mom, I threw up.’”

Someone else wrote, “This is the house they show at the beginning of [a] horror movie and the wife is like ‘it just needs some work, honey.’”

The toilet in the middle of the hallway pretty much sums up the rest of the house. The carpeting and ceiling are in very rough shape, one kitchen is decorated with jarring black wall planks, and the “random dungeon wire,” as The Opossum of Poopability said, has been run through a floor vent and is plugged into an outlet in the living room. 

Meanwhile, the comments are also shocked at the auction starting price of $60,000 for this place.

It may be a tear down, and that toilet’s days may be numbered, but it will definitely be haunting many peoples’ dreams for years to come.