‘The Boyfriend Effect’ is TikTok’s latest trend, and Gen Z is showing how they’ve changed since getting into a relationship

2023-03-23 15:09:43 By : Ms. Wendy Liu

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There’s a new TikTok trend to take note of, and it revolves around Gen Z and their romantic relationships.

Dubbed “The Boyfriend Effect,” TikTok’s latest trend shows people before they got into a relationship versus how they look now that they’re in a relationship. The trend seems to build off a recent TikTok phenomenon: The “boyfriend air” theory.

Eighteen-year-old content creator Dani (@honeybeewaxx) shared her rendition of the new trend.

In the first photo, Dani appears dolled up with her hair and makeup done. The second photo shows her with a beanie on — sans makeup.

Some commenters have vowed to “fight” the boyfriend effect for as long as possible. Others think embracing natural beauty and being more comfortable around your partner should be welcome changes.

“i can confirm the bf effect is real, i rarely do my makeup anymore,” one user replied.

“Literally this I used to never go out without makeup until I met him,” another wrote.

“Will 100% be fighting this bf effect in my next relationship,” someone said.

Chelsey Manansala (@chelseymanansala) posted a similar video.

“So pretty !!” a user commented.

“In the first photo you looked like spencer from pretty little liars,” another said.

“More confidence and you look naturally pretty,” someone wrote.

TikTok user @lizbethsa1as showed how “The Boyfriend Effect” impacted her.

“That’s what being in a healthy relationship looks like to me!!” one TikToker responded.

“This style suits you so much! So pretty,” another said.

“everyone on this trend looks so like soft and feminine with their bf it’s so cute,” someone wrote.

Trin (@trintrinswrld) got in on the trend too.

“The point is that she’s comfortable with him and can look anyway around him … ur still beautiful asf,” one user commented.

“literally it’s all that boyfriend air istg,” another said.

“Y’all I think that’s called happiness,” someone wrote.

Depending on who you talk to, “The Boyfriend Effect” can be interpreted as good or bad. TikTok trend aside, what matters most is how you’re actually treated in the relationship.

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